About Us



Hi everybody! My name is Jacquelin Melina Rivera, better known as Jacqie.  Many  people know me as Jenni Rivera’s daughter or may have seen me on the NBC Universo’s hit TV Reality shows, “The Riveras” and “I Love Jenni”. For those who don’t, let me introduce myself.  I am a 31 year old  Mexican American mother of four beautiful, energetic children ranging from the ages of 11 to 6 months.  Yup, I’m busy! I am also an up and rising singer-song writer. I am proud to say I am the daughter of the late legendary and inspiring Regional Mexican Artist, Jenni Rivera. My mother was the best example of perseverance in the hardest of circumstances and overcoming adversity.  With her life, she taught me to fight to reach my dreams. And I have just as many dreams as I have children. One of those dreams has always been to create a clothing line. I never imagined it would be a kids clothing brand, but hey what the heck! I have completely embraced mother-hood and I can’t wait for you guys see this creative side of me. I hope to see your lil ones wearing “De Colores Threads”  I invite you to come along on this new chapter in her life. Never Stop Dreaming, because with hard work and patience dreams do come true! ⁣




Hi!!! My name is Terizabel Nicholas, but mostly known as Izabel. Close friends call me Iz or Izzy. I was born in Guaymas Sonora Mexico but raised in Orange County, California my entire life. I’m blessed to be called “Mami” by my not so little kids; David, Daizy, Josiah and Jeremiah. Being a mom is what keeps me pushing and going no matter what happens. I am what you call a “Jesus Freak” I love God BIG & LOUD. I’m very proud of that! (definitely next tattoo “Jesus Freak”) I went to FIDM and have a degree in Fashion Design, Merchandising and Business. In addition, Music School at Berklee College for many areas of the business. My father was an entrepreneur, so I learned to allow your mind to create and dream big. I always saw him build businesses and figure things out even if he didn’t know the answer. I became a sponge! My mind runs with thousands of ideas every day and every minute, lol. So thankful for Jacqie and Patty that slow me down =) This brand De Colores Threads has been a dream and I’m so grateful and honored to be part of it with such talented women, such as Jacqie and Patty. Love you Cholas!



Hola! Me llamo Patty Gregory! I'm a 1st generation American from Salvadorian immigrants. ( I am here because of my parents struggles and dreams. Los amo con todo mi corazon!) I'm the oldest of 4 girls. ( my poor dad, haha) A wife to Mr. Gregory ( hi babe!) and a mom to my beautiful Olivia! I've always loved all types of art! From drawing to even sewing! I graduated with a BA degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Photography and have been in the fashion and art industry since 2006! (phew, a long time!) I've been blessed to have my hands involved in so many different projects in the past. From concepts to art directing. I believe God has allowed me to take part in this amazing journey with Jacqie and Izabel to be able to share with the world inspirational designs that can bring joy! I hope and pray that each art piece and design can bring a smile to you and your little ones!